Exterior Property Cleaning - Decking, Patios cleaned, sealed and jointed

We carry out a wide range of exterior property cleaning and power washing services. 

We provide the very best exterior property cleaning services covering Cork City and County. We pride ourselves in delivering a fast, cost effective external power cleaning service. Every surface is different and we will advise you on what the best cleaning solution is depending on the surface being cleaned.

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Roof and Gutter Cleaning

We are expert roof and gutter cleaners. Dirt, grime, leaf and moss debris are expertly cleaned from your guttering system. Make your roofline, including your soffits and fascia boards look like new again.

It is important to have your gutters cleaned at least once a year, especially if you have overhanging trees and moss buildup on your roof. If left alone leaves, moss and debris can build up and cause blockages, leading to rain water over flow on to your walls and causing damage.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Cork, Moss Removed From Roofs, Steam Roof Cleaning

We also remove moss and built up grime from your roof as well – removing the long term threat of damage presented by ropof moss and also making your roof look like new again. We clean and treat roofs to help prevent moss returning.


Driveway Cleaning

Tarmac, concrete or paved driveway – all expertly cleaned and sealed.


Red Algae Removal

Red Algae can ruin the look of your home. One quick treatment can remove it and slow any future regrowth.


Moss Removal

Moss growth on driveways and roofs is just a part of being a homeowner in Ireland. Having it properly cleaned and treated can protect your property for years to come.

Pressure Washing Cork, Exterior Property Cleaning, Driveways Cleaned and Sealed

Our Property Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us?

We use commercial grade cleaning equipment and solutions, and customise our process depending on the surface to be cleaned.

After cleaning, we seal driveways, treat roofs to prevent future moss growth and provide re-jointing on patios and roofs where needed. 

uPVC Gutters and Downpipes installed Cork - ODR Roofing and Home Improvements

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

We expertly clean roofs, gutters, soffits and fascias.